Rotoscope Project

A friend wanted me to help her animate a man falling out a window using rotoscoping.

I personally think that references are ideal and essential, without references I can not possibly create a man falling out of a window accurately. 
If I was trying to create something out of my imagination, it would be only be from my imagination! Not from reality!
My mind perceives things differently to other people, so in order for me to get a message across visually, creatively and clearly, I need to start from tracing/copying reality then adding my imagination afterwards.

This is what we did, we picked up a canon 550D DLSR camera with HD Video capabilities, we went around the apartment block looking for a ledge I could jump off.

The video that needs a human body figure  falling off a breaking ledge is:

The previous animator tried to animate the falling body, but unfortunately for him the director did not like it.

This is how the video looks like now,

the director has agreed to go forth with our animation!

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