Animation & Film

Syncing Visuals with music


Typography - Person of Interest

2012 - Typography - Person of interest

2012 - Synaesthesia - Short 3D Animated Documentary
Password 'secret'
Role: Writer, Director, Producer, CGI Generalist
Synaesthesia Blog

2011 Alan - Short Stop-Motion Animated Film 
Password 'alan'  
 Role: Producer,Animator

One With Nature
2011 One With Nature - Documentary
Stop Motion, Rotoscope
 Role: Intro Credit Animator

Solito -Feature Film Motion Graphics

2011 Solito - Feature Film
Role: Motion Graphics/Design/Animation

Under Law

2009 Under Law -Short film
Role: Motion Graphics/Design/Animation

Conquer the world  
2011 Conquer the world  - Short Animated Film
Role: Director, Producer
made for:

Stop Motion

Morning Routine

  2010 Morning Routine - Short Stop-Motion
Role: Actor/Director

Bread and Roses Festival Trailer
2011 First official Bread and Roses Festival animated trailer
Role: Assistant Producer/Animation Assistant

I can Remember

2011 I can Remember -Red Bull competition - Short Stop-Motion
Role: Actor/Producer

Video Game Obsession

2010 Video Game Obsession - Short Stop-Motion
Role: Director/Producer


2009 Inner-Self - Short Stop-Motion
Role: Director/Animator

Lonely Man Stop-Motion

2009 Lonely Man - Short Stop-Motion 
Role: Assistant Producer/Assistant Animator/Compositor

FILM + Music Videos

Wonderwall Acoustic Cover

2012 Oasis Wonderwall Cover ft. Phoebe Pope (
Music Video
Role:  Guitarist/Singer/Editor

DIY Camera Dolly
2012 DIY 2012 Tutorial - How to make a Dolly from a baby pram
Role: Direction, Graphics, Script

Music Video - Joshy Connor

 2012 DayTime TV - Joshy Connor - Music Video
Role: Filmed/Produced/Edited

Music Video - Tony Jacobs

2012 Tony Jacobs - Music Video
Role: Actor

 2012 Accordian Days - Music Video
Role: Singer/Filmed/Produced/Edited

 I see Color (Remix) 

2012  I see Color (Remix) Lyrical Eye -Music Video
Role: Film/Directed/Edited


2012 Loca - Promotional Video 
Role: Film/Editor/Producer

Here & There

2011 Here & There - Promotional Video
Role: Actor/Assistant Writer

Mixed Martial Arts Gym

2012 Mix Martial Arts Gym - En Swmati - Promotional Video
Role: Film/Director/Producer


2011 Fairtrade - Promotional Video
Role: Animation/VFX

Men Gossip

2012 Men Gossip - Short Film 
Role: Director/Editor/Producer

F*$#  it 

2011 Actor in F*$#  it - Short Film
Role: Actor

First Date

2010 First Date - 
Short Film

Role: Actor/Script assistant


Fish Swimming on Land
2011 Fish Swimming on Land
Role: Tracking, 3d object placement, lighting, animation

2011 Cockroach 
Role: Tracking, 3d object placement, lighting, animation

Other Tests:
Falling man blog - Rotoscope - Animator

Indian Commercial - Rotoscope

Tv Idents - Motion Design

Tv Idents 2 - Motion Design

Dress Modelling - Modelled Dresses

Cactus Modelling - Cactus Modelled

Furniture Modelling - Furniture Modelled

Serano Advert - Desert Bushes Modelled

Steel Ball - Test Ball Bounce

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